Madame Marissa
Completely destroying your precious diploma
Completely destroying your precious diploma

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I work at the desk and play around with my high heels on the floor. I didn't notice the piece of paper on the ground and casually move my shoes over it. As I get up from the chair the piece of paper gets stuck to my shoe sole and I carry it into the bathroom on the sole of my shoe. After returning to the desk I notice the paper, pick it up and start crumpling it - that's when I notice there's writing on it - it's your diploma! Oh, too bad, it already has some shoe prints on it and is all crumbly - guess I can then destroy it for good! I start to tear it up with my shoes, spit on it, crumble it and wipe my shoe soles on it - until there's only a few shreds of paper left! I pick up the remains, crumble them into a ball and throw it in the toilet - where it gets flushed down and is lost forever. So many years of your life invested into getting this diploma - and so quickly it gets destroyed!
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