Madame Marissa
Community-Clip - Trying out even more of your ideas!
Community-Clip - Trying out even more of your ideas!

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After you all liked the first community clip so much, I had to do another one. Right from the start, I use the first idea and put the chairs' legs on the slave's hands and then got comfy on top! My full weight presses the chairs legs into his palms and the loser suffers while I read through the other ideas - and of course, I can increase his suffering by rocking back and forth a little bit. Next, the slave's trampled under my boots, before I'll give him a very special abs training - by walking over his abs and kicking his abs from the bottom with my sneakers. After that, I grab a wood batten and try putting it over his arm and over his throat - and then stand on top of it! Unfortunately, the bar breaks after a couple of tries, but luckily there are many more ideas :-D For the next one, I put on high heels and after a short body trampling, I trample the slave's cheeks and the slave's tongue with the thin heels! And for the grand finale, I've to crush something on his eyes again for sure - he's always so afraid when I do that and I love it! :-D