Madame Marissa
Colleague turns you into her office chair
Colleague turns you into her office chair

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Are you done with work and ready for the lunch break? I noticed you were staring at my ass and legs all the time when I’m walking through the office – and I thought of something very special for our lunch break! Do you want a close-up of my sexy ass? Yes? Then lie down right here! I’ll sit down on your face – turn you into my new office chair – and you’re so close to the ass that you like so much! I know, getting smothered under my ass and getting your face squished under my full weight, is quite hard, but it’s worth it, isn’t it?! I’ll quickly take some photos of you under my ass – maybe I should send them to our boss? Maybe I can get him to approve your new position as my office chair! We’ll need to train your breath holding ability though – at least I need to be able to work concentrated!
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