Madame Marissa
Clean our sweaty feet, loser!
Clean our sweaty feet, loser!

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It's time for your slave duties, loser! Our feet got all sweaty and it will be your job to clean them with your tongue ... can you smell them already when I dangle my high heel from my toes? Come on, get your tongue out and lick all the sweat from my foot soles - from my heels to my toes you'll clean every part of my foot and I really don't care if you're disgusted by the sweaty, salty taste! And look into our eyes while you're licking my feet - your suffering amuses us, loser! And once you're done with my feet, Lady Nora will take off her ankle boots - and you'll clean her feet! They're so wet, they even leave moist traces on the glass table - disgusting! But you will lick them anyway, because we demand it and you're too much of a loser to turn us down!