Madame Marissa
Chastity - you'll get locked up now!
Chastity - you'll get locked up now!

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Come a little closer ... so you're excited thinking about going chaste for me? Did you really think that through?! That's going to be a very tough time for you! Do you know what this little lock is for? You didn't think I'd simply trust you to keep your hands out of your pants, did you? No, your little dick is going to be locked away in this metal chastity cage - and I'll keep the key! Come on, pull down your pants - and just a few seconds later your dick is locked up. How does it feel? Now you finally got enough time - and motivation - to fulfill your slave duties and earn money for your mistress. Oh, we didn't discuss the exact conditions yet? Well, you should have thought about that before letting me lock you up - now you'll do anything I demand, with just a little bit of hope, that I'll free you from time to time!