Madame Marissa
Chaste loser - when will you be freed again?
Chaste loser - when will you be freed again?

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Well, little loser ... for how long are you locked up now? For exactly one month if I remember correctly. It wasn't really smart of you to let us lock up your tine dick without an agreement when we'll set it free again, was it? Well, now you'll have to live with this uncertainty - when will we free you? In a month? In a year? Never again? But we're open for negotiations ... but what can you offer us, loser? Right - only your wallet is of use for us! You'll have to satisfy us financially ... how much is that going to cost you? Well, we'll have to think about that ... but in the meantime, you should get to work and next week you'll bring us the first tribute payment - and an overview of your financial situation!