Madame Marissa
Cash & Go - I only like large bills
Cash & Go - I only like large bills

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I see you're already waiting for me on the parking lot as we agreed ... and you go down on your knees as soon as I arrive ... good little pay pig! So, what are you waiting for? Give me the money! What's that? Didn't you listen to me? The 100 Euro bills ... yes, I like those ... the other ones ... you weren't supposed to give me small bills ... but you didn't listen ... so you'll get punished! Watch as I throw your 5, 10 and 20 Euro bills on the ground and step all over them with my dirty boots ... and don't you dare to try and grab them! I'll stomp your hands into the ground! The 50 Euro bills ... still too small for my purse and my taste! I use them to get some mud off my boots. And as your final punishment you'll lick the muddy boot soles as well! As I get back into the car you'll take a step back - and take a close look - before I drive off I drive over your pocket money and crush it under my tires! Next time remember to bring only 100 Euro bills - or larger ones - and a lot of them! I speak German in this clip - but it's easy to understand and the action speaks for itself as usual ;-)