Madame Marissa
Cash & Go - don't be cheap, slave!
Cash & Go - don't be cheap, slave!

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There you are, slave - where's the 500 Euro we agreed on? What's this? Only 150 Euro? Are you kidding me?! You know this kind of behavior needs to be punished ... give me your left arm ... and let me take off your watch! Do you like your watch?! Well, bad luck - it's now going to be crushed under my sexy high heels. And I'll also crush these pathetic 150 Euro! To make sure your watch and money are gone for good, I'll also drive over it with my car. And you know what we'll do after I crushed your watch and money?! You'll get into my car and we'll drive to the next ATM - where you'll not only withdraw the 500 Euro we agreed on - but an extra 500 Euro as well as a punishment for trying to cheat me. So tell me, slave, was it worth trying to cheat me?!