Madame Marissa
Carelessly trampling your face while I'm on a call
Carelessly trampling your face while I'm on a call

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How does it feel to be nothing more than a part of my floor, slave?! Does it hurt you, when I trample all over your face with my high heels and completely ignore your suffering? I've to make a phone call and I won't get off you until I'm finished ... so you better stay quite and not interrupt our phone call! But I'll make it a little easier for you ... I'll take off my high heels and you just have to endure my nylon feet and my full weight on your face while I'm on the phone. Isn't that nice of me, slave? Trampling all over your little face is so relaxing for my feet - they'll spend all night long in these high heels, so they deserve a little relaxation upfront. And for you, it should be an honor to endure this pain for my feet!
Tags: Trampling