Madame Marissa
Brutally used as a doormat for 4 dirty riding boots
Brutally used as a doormat for 4 dirty riding boots

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Using a human doormat to clean your muddy boots on is always a treat - not only is it a lot of fun to humiliate a slave by only using him as a doormat - but we obviously also know that all the mud and dirt under our boot soles acts like sandpaper on the weakling's skin and therefore massively increases the pain our riding boots inflict on him! Unfortunately for the slave, Lady Nora enjoys this brutal game just as much as I do - so today he gets twice the pain as we clean our 4 muddy riding boots on his body. With this amount of dirt, it doesn't take long until the slave is completely covered in dirt - but even after our boots are more or less clean, the fun of just trampling this loser remains and we'll continue for a while!