Madame Marissa
Brutally trampled under 6 nylon feet
Brutally trampled under 6 nylon feet

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Today this slave is going to suffer under 6 feet - as Lady Nora and Lady Nadja join me for this trampling! While always one of us stands on either his face or throat, the other 2 trample his body. This human carpet was so confident that he could endure being trampled by 3 ladies ... but now he's really in trouble and suffers greatly. And since he was such a loudmouth, we'll trample him even harder. Maybe I should jump onto his head? Or maybe kick his belly while he's trying to turn his body to the side? Or stand on his face on my tiptoes?! One thing is fore sure ... when we're done with him, he'll know his place and never brag about his endurance and pain tolerance again!