Madame Marissa
Brutally kicked against the fence
Brutally kicked against the fence

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I really love to kick my slaves - but I don't like that they always get so much recovery time by falling to the ground and standing back up! So, this time, I ordered the slave to stand in front of a solid metal fence - and then start kicking him with my full-leather riding boots! The power of my kicks throws him against the fence each time and it's always double the pain - not only he has the impact of my boot on his stomach or chest, but also the impact of the metal in his back - but this way he keeps standing - and I can kick him again immediately! The slave is in much more pain than usual - simply because of the sheer number of kicks - and after a few minutes he can't take it anymore and breaks down. But of course, I won't end his punishment just yet - when he wants to lie on the ground and whine, that's fine - I'll just trample his body under the nailed soles of my boots instead! And after this "recovery", he has to stand up again and I continue to kick him!