Madame Marissa
Breaking his heart, his balls and his ego!
Breaking his heart, his balls and his ego!

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This guy confessed his love to me - I tell him that I don't date wimps and that I'll test if he's a wimp - by kicking his balls a few times! This loser really gives him and we agree on a code word to stop - then I tie his hands behind his back and put a gag in his mouth ;-) He has to go down on his knees and I give him a first kick to the balls - which immediately sends him to the ground. After 1-2 more kicks he starts to mumble something ... maybe the code word?! I've no idea ... I don't understand him through the gag in his mouth :-D After a few more kicks I take off the gag and confront him with the cold-hard truth - that he is a wimp in any possible way and there's no way I'd ever date him. Losers like him belong under my boots - and that's where he'll continue his life! I take off the gag and order him to kiss and lick my boot soles while I further humiliate him - and you, the viewer as well! This is a non-exclusive role-playing custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!