Madame Marissa
Boss punishes you with stinky feet
Boss punishes you with stinky feet

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You didn't think your boss would call you into her office to have a coffee with you, did you? No, you're here because your performance is absolutely pathetic! And if you can't do your job properly - maybe you need a different kind of motivation - or I've to find a different use for you! Get on your knees in front of me, look at my high heels ... in these shoes my nylon feet always get really sweaty and therefore you'll smell them now and inhale my foot odor! Oh, you don't like the smell? Well, then you better do your work better from now on - or you'll find yourself in this position every day from now on - used by your boss as her foot stool, foot slave and foot massagist! Do you understand? Good ... but you'll stay there for a while and I'm sure my foot smell will stay in your nose for a long time!