Madame Marissa
Blindfolded hand trampling and crush
Blindfolded hand trampling and crush

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I put some stuff to crush on the ground and brought along a blindfold. First, I blindfold the slave, place his hands between the stuff on the ground and then start to trample his hands and crush the stuff between his fingers under my boots! Of course, he now can't see where I'm going to step ... and he never knows what's coming! Without knowing what's going to happen, he's even more terrified than usual :-D After a few minutes I take off the slave's blindfold - and he thinks the worst is over - but now I'm going to put the blindfold on myself - so I don't know if I'm going to step on a finger or on something else to crush :-D Obviously now the slave is even more terrified - because I don't know if and how I'm going to step on his hands. Do I hit him with the sole? Or the heel? Or maybe just the edge?! :-D