Madame Marissa
Big crush-party with Madison
Big crush-party with Madison

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A fan sent us all of this stuff to make a big crush party! In total there's 1 keyboard, 2 guitars, 8 large cars, 10 small RC cars, 15 model train wagons and 2 big construction trucks - that's a lot to crush! We start walking over the keyboard without shoes, but it already breaks under our weight. Then we put some high heeled boots on, the beige ones for me and the black ones for Madison - and start to get serious! The keyboard is quickly destroyed and the guitars follow shortly after - Madison stomped them so hard one of her heels breaks off - but she just continues! Then the big cars get to meet our boots and are quickly destroyed completely, followed by the model train wagons and the small RC cars. For the big trucks we concentrate on one at a time as they're pretty sturdy and hard to crush. Madison stomps them so hard again that her second heel breaks off as well - but of course that doesn't stop us and in the end both big trucks are destroyed as well. We stand next to the big pile of crushed stuff when I take off Madison's broken boots and throw then onto the trash pile as well! This was a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me/us to do a custom clip for you contact me at!