Madame Marissa
Beg me to destroy your hands!
Beg me to destroy your hands!

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I order the slave to put his hands on the ground - so I can walk over them with my sexy Buffalo boots. These boots have such a nice tread - perfect to hurt a slave with. But today I don't want to just trample his hands - I want him to beg me to destroy them! The rules are simple - he has to beg me to STOMP all over his hands - and if he stops or doesn't beg enough, I'll slap his face hard. As I stomp all over his hands and enjoy how he's screaming in pain, his body starts shaking and his voice starts shaking more and more - and of course he gets his face slapped a lot of times. His hands are covered in marks from my boot soles and they're also getting quite colorful as well! In the end, the slave is crying in pain and can barely speak anymore!