Madame Marissa
Be grateful for every breath, seat pad!
Be grateful for every breath, seat pad!

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I want to further train my pathetic seat pad - and today his lesson will be to need only very short breathing breaks! Since I'm wearing my tight leather leggings, my ass seals off his mouth and nose completely as I sit on his face. I instruct him to stay as calm as possible - since any struggling and movement will only waste precious oxygen - and he's not getting much of that! I start by lifting my ass and granting him 3 breaths, followed by another long smothering and a breathing break with 2 breaths. After being smothered by my sexy ass again, he only gets to breathe once! Should I restart with 3 breaths? No, I think breathing only once is enough. Of course, I know how hard this is for the slave - he normally needs much longer recoveries, but today he isn't getting them. That's the price for being a loser that's allowed to serve a divine ass like mine as a seat pad!