Madame Marissa
Be careful what you wish for, tiny guy!
Be careful what you wish for, tiny guy!

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I'm on a walk in the woods and pick some flowers when I step on you the first time and you get stuck to my shoe. I don't notice you for a while, but when I do, I peel your tiny body off my shoe soles and tell you to run away - while you still can! I enjoy stepping on tiny guys and I might just step on you on purpose! After stepping on you again, carrying you around for a while and peeling you off again I grant you one last chance to escape - but you don't run away?! Ok then! I step on you again and press down hard until your tiny body is stuck to my shoe again, then go back to my car, I peel you off and I'm already almost at the car's door ... when I get a mean idea ... you obviously like being trampled by giantesses ... otherwise you would have run away long ago ... so maybe you like getting crushed under a giantess' car as well?! I'm driving straight on your little body, get out of the car again and take a couple of photos of your partly crushed body stuck under my tire - then get in the car again and run over you a couple of times - always trying to stop with the tire on top of your tiny body! After a few minutes I check on you again - and damn, you're crushed pretty good, but still alive! I think I'm going to take you home with me - I'll have a lot more fun with you! I step on you again and carry your tiny body on my shoe sole into the car - then drive home while you're still stuck to my shoe!
Tags: Giantess