Madame Marissa
Bathroom humiliation before my date
Bathroom humiliation before my date

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Before I head out for my date tonight, I want to have a different kind of fun first - and this loser will serve me as a living carpet while I refresh my make up and lipstick. Then he has to go on his knees and I put my sexy high heels on his hands ... and then put them on while they're on his hands! The hard platforms flatten his fingers and he screams in pain so nicely - I think I'll trample on his hands some more before I make him lick the shoe soles clean. For the finale, I push the loser's head into the toilet, close the lid and sit down on top of it. I brush my hair while the loser can inhale the toilet aroma - and I flush the toilet a couple of times. Then I head out and order the loser to keep his head in my toilet!