Madame Marissa
Banana milkshake in rubber boots again!
Banana milkshake in rubber boots again!

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Finally I found a pair of see-through rubber boots in my shoe size! Time to make another banana milkshake - but this time you can see all that's going on in the boots. I take them out of the car and drop a full banana in each one, then pour some milk into them and put on the boots. Now I'll take a lengthy walk and get it all crushed and sweaty inside boots. I love the squishy feeling under my feet and obviously there's nothing solid left after a long walk. When I get back I order the slave to get on his knees in front of me and take off the boots. I make him lick the slimy disgusting shake from my foot soles - and in the end make him drink the complete shake directly from the boot. Unfortunately he can't swallow it as quickly as I pour it and a lot of it goes on the ground - but of course he'll lick that as well :-D