Madame Marissa
ASSistant used in the lunch break
ASSistant used in the lunch break

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Are you happy that your boss is going to spend the lunch break with you? Well, you don't know what I've planned yet! You'll now sit down on the floor, in front of my table and then put your head back. You will not only be my normal personal assistant - but you'll be my ASSistant as well - by being my chair for lunch break! I'll sit down on your face with my ass and smother you. Can you hear the colleagues next door? You don't want them to come in and see me using you as a chair, or do you? Then you better be a quite chair! And if you want to keep your job, being my chair will be part of your daily job! I know it's hard to only breathe so little ... and that my whole weight is really hard to endure with your neck ... but you will endure it, won't you?!