Madame Marissa
75 degrees, cheese and sweaty feet - how will he like it? ;-)
75 degrees, cheese and sweaty feet - how will he like it? ;-)

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I got this idea when I thought about more extreme foot domination and humiliation ideas. It's a hot sunny day (75° Fahrenheit, 25° Celsius) and in the morning I take 2 slices of cheese and put them into my worn-out flats - then I put on the flats and start my day! You can see my driving around, going into a super market, more driving and finally a nice long walk in the woods. The cheese melts as my feet start to sweat inside of the shoes and when I take them off it stinks sooo bad! The slave's sitting in front of me as I take them off and he smells immediately what's inside my shoes ... and he's going to eat it! I first make him eat the cheese that's sticking to my foot soles and toes, then he has to eat some from the inside of the shoes and finally I pour the remaining cheese from one shoe on the other shoe sole and grind them together! Of course my foot slave has to eat the cheese-dirt mix then as well. You can see me smiling throughout the whole clip as I'm amused how he struggles to eat the disgusting cheese - a must have for every fan of extreme foot humiliation!