Madame Marissa
4 stinky nylon feet after a long party
4 stinky nylon feet after a long party

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Nora and I enjoyed a great party - and didn't get home until it's already sunrise! Obviously, the slave wasn't allowed to accompany us - parties are forbidden for losers! But he will still somehow participate ... I call him over, order him to get on his knees in front of us and tell him how sweaty our feet got during the long night of dancing in these boots. With nylons and high boots the smell is really intense - and this loser will smell our feet now. We slowly take off our boots, making him smell our feet right away and we can't stop laughing when we see his disgusted face as our wet nylon feet stroke his face! The smell is even disgusting for us - and we're keeping a distance to our feet - unlike this loser - he get's our feet pressed on his nose hard and can't escape the smell! He has to smell the inside of our boots as well before I take off my pantyhose, wrap it around his head and cover his face with Nora's boot - he'll stay on the ground, with our foot smell in his nose for the next couple of hours while we get some rest!