Madame Marissa
4 disgusting stinky shoes, socks and feet for you!
4 disgusting stinky shoes, socks and feet for you!

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Nora and I just finished a brutal workout. And we know exactly how to relax after such a workout - by humiliating you! So, come a little closer ... while we take off our gym shoes. First, we'll press our steaming sneakers on your nose and you'll experience the smell of a hard workout ... followed by our moist socks! While you're inhaling our stinky socks, we can make a little fun of you - it looks so funny how your face is distorted by the strong odor in your nose ... and even funnier that you're such a loser who allows himself to be treated like this :-D Nora presses her wet socks on the glass table and leaves behind a disgusting foot sweat imprint - that you're going to lick off now! After you've also smelled our bare feet, I'll press my gym shoe on your nose again and tie it around your head - this way you can "enjoy" my foot smell for the rest of the day!