Madame Marissa
4 dirty boots cleaned on the slave's face and tongue
4 dirty boots cleaned on the slave's face and tongue

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Lady Nora and I have locked the loser in the facetrampling box - and now we'll use his tongue and face to clean all the mud and dirt off our boot soles! Maybe we walked through some muddy puddles on purpose? These boots are really disgustingly dirty for sure and after only a couple of wipes across the slave's tongue, it gets just as black as the boot soles :-D And the rest of his face follows shortly after as we walk over it and wipe our boot soles on it. After a few minutes he's completely covered in dirt and we start to get doubts if our boots will get clean at all - so we get the slave out of the box, put him on a leash and coerce him to lick the mud out of our boot tread while kneeling in front of us - while we sit on the couch - relax and humiliate him!