Madame Marissa
30+ minutes of trampling, humiliation and spitting
30+ minutes of trampling, humiliation and spitting

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Today the slave's going to suffer badly! A fan ordered a 30 minute custom clip where Madame Madison and I him. We're both wearing white converse sneakers and trample him together, but of course he's not only getting trampled, we also spit on him, spit on each other's shoe soles, make him lick the dirt and spit from our shoe soles and even crush a piece of cake under our converse to make him eat it! I also smoke a cigarette in between and of course I use his mouth as my ashtray and put some ash on the spit covered sole of my shoe - to make him lick it! For the even more humiliation I kiss Madison while she crushes his cock and balls under her shoe soles! After a while we also take off our shoes and make him smell our stinky socks and bare feet - while still trampling him obviously! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at!