Madame Marissa
2 sweaty asses on your face, seat pad!
2 sweaty asses on your face, seat pad!

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Lady Nora and I had a great workout and got really sweaty - and now we're going to sit down on your face, little seat pad. And while you're getting smothered under our asses we'll rub off our butt sweat on your face! Do you like that, loser? Being a sweat-sponge for sexy ladies' asses?! We sure do enjoy making you suffer, flattening your face under our butts, smothering you and enjoying how much you panic! Do you want to breathe, loser? I've an idea ... you'll be allowed to breathe a little longer ... but only through our stinky sweat-soaked socks! One way or another, you're going to suffer, loser!