Madame Marissa
2 giantesses crush the tiny man
2 giantesses crush the tiny man

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I walk into my living room and find this little man on the ground - he begs me to help him and looks terrified at me when I pick him up. I won’t help him - I’ll crush him instead! First, I put him on the couch and sit down on him with my sexy round jeans ass - however, even with my full weight and some wiggling and bouncing - he still survives! Guess I’ll have to try something else - so next, he gets to feel my feet on his little body - and although it’s hilarious to see his little terrified face being squished under my big foot - he’s still alive! Then my friend Lady Nora arrives and after I’ve explained my “problem” to her, she asks me if she can try - of course she can! She goes hard on him with her high heels, even gives him some hard stomps and jumps before we tag-team him by stomping on him together. But even that doesn’t bring the desired results - so I leave for a few minutes to get us some tea - while Nora continues to trample the little guy under her sexy shoes. When I get back, we decide that he’ll serve us as a seat pad while we enjoy our tea. If he can survive all of that - I’ll simply keep him as my seat pad! The next day, I bind him to my office chair - and there he’ll stay, under my ass, day after day - some time, he’ll either be crushed, smothered or starved under my ass! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!