Madame Marissa
2 days of preparation for a slave meal
2 days of preparation for a slave meal

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After the success of my first croissant in-shoe crush video I got a lot of request to do such a video again - but with my slave - and that's just what I did! I'm dressing up for a party this night and spit on the croissants before I put them in my hold-up stockings. I slip on my sexy high heels and go out for a party. As I return - after a few hours of dancing - I leave them in my nylons and go to bed. The next morning I allow you to watch me getting ready in the bathroom and going for some groceries. Afterwards I put on a pair of boots and go to work - still with the croissants in my nylons. When I get home I order my slave to lie down next to the couch, take off my boots and plant my feet on his face to give him a first impression of the smell :-) Then I take off the nylons, throw the remains of the croissants on the floor, spit on them a few times and then feed them to my slave with my feet!