Madame Marissa
14 days of stink - extreme sock smelling!
14 days of stink - extreme sock smelling!

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I've brought something very special for the slave - but to make sure, it has the full effect I've put him in the bondage bag to fixate him and also put some duct tape over his mouth to make sure he can only breathe through his nose! And only then I'll reveal to him my 14 day worn socks! These socks are extreme - basically a biohazard by now! And this loser is completely helpless under me as I press these stinky socks on his nose - no way to escape the smell! Obviously, he's completely disgusted by the smell and almost pukes - but there's no escape for him and it's way too much fun for me to torment him with these socks. After a while, I take them off and press them onto his nose ... then take another strip of duct tape and just tape them ... I think I'll keep him like that for a couple of hours, with my stinky socks taped to his nose and my feet using him as a footrest while I relax on the couch!