Madame Marissa
10.000 Euro promissory note - what's next?!
10.000 Euro promissory note - what's next?!

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I've warned you, but as horny as you were, you ignored all of my warnings and signed a 10.000 Euro promissory note. That was an insane kick, wasn't it? How does it feel now that the ink is barely dry ... do you regret it already? You were so horny, you didn't even notice the interest rate ... but now it's too late and you have no other chance - either you pay me completely and on tome ... or I'll drag you to court until you've lost everything - I'll not accept even a cent less! The few minutes of horniness, while you were filling out your personal data and signed the note, have serious consequences for you - you'll need to look for a 2nd job or put in some extra hours. I really don't care if you've to go hungry or clean dirty toilets to get the money - as long as I get MY money in the end!