Madame Marissa
Madame Marissa
Written on 27.07.2020 at 12:16 by Madame Marissa

I've received a couple of new boots from fans and I just updated my shoe gallery. The new boots include a pair of GML boots, a pair of vintage boots and a pair of extreme over-knee boots - and 6 pairs of rubber boots (including a pair of Aigle boots and a pair of Kate Spade boots).

Of course you can order custom videos with all the new boots as well :-)

Check out my complete shoe gallery here

Madame Marissa
Written on 21.05.2020 at 17:58 by Madame Marissa

The weather is finally getting warmer and I enjoyed the sun in my garden - and you get to enjoy the divine sight of my feet :-D

Madame Marissa
Written on 18.03.2020 at 10:14 by Madame Marissa

I wanted to film a video with these boots - but of course I wasn't going to lace them up myself ... so I called for the slave and ordered him to kneel down and lace the boots on the balcony while I smoked a cigarette. You should've seen his anxious face ... so afraid that any neighbors or passerby might see him ... :-D

Madame Marissa
Written on 03.03.2020 at 17:21 by Madame Marissa

Although the weather really isn't that great at the moment - I had to talk a long relaxing walk, but my boots got terribly dirty!

Unfortunately I didn't bring a slave who could lick them clean right away, but I took a few pictures for you to drool over :D

Madame Marissa
Written on 15.02.2020 at 13:23 by Madame Marissa

A fan bought a nice upgrade for my hiking boots - some ice cleates / spikes to put on!

Of course I couldn't wait until my next filming day - I had to try them out on slave's skin right way and I think I never heard a slave cry so loud in pain and never saw such nice marks on skin right away :-D

Also, they'll be perfect for quite a lot of crush fetish scenarios as well :-D

Let me know if you want to see them featured in your custom clip scenario - either send me a message here or email me at!